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The Buccaneers are the worst team in NFC South history

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the worst team in NFC South history. That's what Dave Choate over at The Falcoholic figured out.

The NFC South started in 2002 and the Bucs immediately won the Super Bowl. But since then they've only had four winning seasons, and they haven't won a single playoff game since beating down the Oakland Raiders. That's pretty ugly, but it's not very surprising either -- especially given the complete disaster the Bucs have been since the firing of Jon Gruden.

Amusingly, the Bucs actually have a pretty good postseason record since the division started. 3-2, all thanks to those three wins in the Super Bowl season -- that ties the Saints' winning percentage at 6-4, though obviously they've had more wins. The Panthers are close behind at 6-5, while the Falcons have a pretty dismal 4-6 playoff record.

And there's one final thing we can say: at least the Bucs have won a Super Bowl.