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Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston Rose Bowl film breakdown

With all of the Winston-vs-Mariota talk, we haven't really had detailed film breakdowns of either player yet. So let's get to some of that. Brett Kollman of Battle Red Blog broke down the Rose Bowl performances of both of those guys, and his thoughts on both players are definitely worth watching. You can find his Mariota breakdown in its original context here, while the Jameis Winston breakdown's originally from here.

Keep in mind that these breakdowns are based on a single game, so they're not comprehensive looks at either player's traits. I also don't agree with everything he says -- I think he's a little too harsh on Mariota and too adamant in his conviction that he'd have to sit for a while in the NFL, given the evidence we have that spread quarterbacks have no real problems transitioning quickly.

At the same time, many of his observations are absolutely accurate and his perspective on both players is one you see a lot around the NFL. So go ahead and watch his takes. You can find the Mariota breakdown above, and the Winston version below.