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NFL Draft Rumor: Eagles trading up to number one?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So here's a thing: the Philadelphia Eagles love Marcus Mariota, and one reporter is convinced that they're going to trade up to number one in the 2015 NFL draft to ensure they get him.

Okay so, here's my thing: how are the Eagles going to afford this? They have the 20th overall pick in the first round. Trading up that far with two potential franchise quarterbacks available is going to cost not just a lot of picks. It's going to cost them multiple full drafts of picks to even get the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to consider that trade. Maybe they try to do it in stages, but it's going to cost them a ridiculous amount of picks.

And then there's another thing: if the Bucs are convinced that either Jameis WInston or Marcus Mariota is going to be a franchise quarterback, why would they trade down? For any price? Quarterbacks are important. Really important. And the alternative is drafting someone like Brett Hundley, and starting Mike Glennon. Not very appetizing. Or taking Nick Foles, I guess. Here's what Bleeding Green Nation thinks.

Trading up to No. 1 would not be cheap, but it would assure that Kelly gets his quarterback. Keep in mind Kelly now has full control over player personnel following a power struggle that took place early in 2015. Kelly had success with Nick Foles in 2013 but even after that season there were reports that the Eagles weren't fully sold on him. Foles led the NFL in turnovers in 2014 before suffering a season-ending injury in Week 9, so he didn't exactly help his case. Foles is currently slated to enter the final year of his rookie contract. He has been involved in trade rumors this offseason.

I don't really see it. Every indication is the Buccaneers are going to take a quarterback number one. On the other hand, Kempski's a reliable reporter. He was the first to report the Eagles releasing DeSean Jackson last year, so this is probably not just some random speculation. But the Eagles making an effort is pretty far removed from them actually succeeding.