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Simeon Rice thinks he should be in the Hall of Fame

Simeon Rice had to watch Warren Sapp to get a boost on his get-off. Apparently, he was so good at reading the snap count and knowing when the offense was going to I guess that explains where Gerald McCoy learned his ridiculous get-off. McCoy keeps getting called offside for plays on which he's just faster than everyone else -- but still onside.

Anyway, that's what Simeon Rice said when he joined Youtuber JRSportsBrief in the SB Nation studio to talk NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his idols and his Hall of Fame chances. Sadly, those chances appear to be slim to none, but he really, really thinks he deserves to be there. One stat he cited: fastest player ever to get to 100+ sacks. I did not know that, but Rice dominated for most of his career. He put up 10+ sacks in eight of his first 12 seasons. When he played, he could not be stopped. And yet we never talk about him as a Hall of Famer.

Rice also spent quite a bit of time knocking Michael Strahan and the Pro Bowl.

Rice has always been a great interview, so make sure to check out the video above. JR had managed to interview Derrick Brooks earlier this year, so check that out too, below.