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Watch Jameis Winston blow away Steve Mariucci on the whiteboard

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We've been hearing that Jameis Winston has been outstanding in interviews at the combine, especially on the whiteboard. His football intelligence has  been compared to Peyton Manning. That's pretty ridiculous.

And now we have some video evidence, as Jameis Winston joined Steve Mariucci on the white board at the NFL scouting combine. You can watch the video here -- it's great, it shows off Winston's football knowledge even accounting for the fluffy nature of pieces like this. Winston shines in this situation.


"This is Jerry Rice right here."

"You're not going to have Jerry, I'm just telling you that."

"Hopefully I'll have Vincent Jackson or somebody."

Jameis Winston clearly knows his football. This isn't news -- everything we've heard already told us that -- but seeing helps make people believers. He's also charismatic, he's having fun, it's contagious -- it looks like this is what he loves. And again, that fits with what we know: his commitment to football was never a problem.

Winston is a very good prospect on the field. Probably as good as we've seen since Andrew Luck. And the Bucs have the first overall pick.