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Warren Sapp arrested for solicitation and assault

Bucs legend and Hall of Famer Warren Sapp was allegedly arrested in Arizona this morning for solicitation and assault

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Update 5:

Update 4: ABC15 have updated their story with some of the murky details. Sapp appeared to have had two prostitutes in his room, when an "altercation occurred" over a discussion about money. They then went to the police, resulting in Sapp being arrested for one count of solicitation and two of assault. While we should refrain from jumping to conclusions, these new details - which come from the Phoenix police department - sure seem to suggest an ugly scenario.

Update 3: Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch confirms Warren Sapp has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL Network, pending the outcome of the police investigation.

UPDATE 2: While there's still no statement from the NFL Network, they appear to have removed him from their list of 'On Air Talent'

No Warren Sapp

UPDATE: Sapp's arrested is now also being reported by the local ABC affiliate in Phoenix. There has been no statement from Sapp or the NFL Network as of yet.


TMZ are reporting that Warren Sapp was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona this morning for soliciting a prostitute, and for assault.

At this point there's been nothing official, but TMZ have gotten hold of what they purport to be his mugshot from this morning. There aren't many details at this point, but Sapp has had his run-ins with the law since retiring, being arrested twice for domestic battery. We'll have more details as it develops.