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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Marcus Mariota back on top

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

With the Super Bowl in the rear-view window, and what a Super Bowl it was, we can get back to discussing the really important things in life: mock drafts.

Dan Kadar's latest puts Marcus Mariota back at number one, mostly thanks to reports by Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter that that's where people think the Bucs are going to go.

ESPN’s top two NFL reporters are starting to lean Mariota to the Buccaneers. Adam Scheffer said last week that there’s a "sense" Tampa has its sights set on the Oregon quarterback. Chris Mortensen has said the "stars are aligned" for Mariota going to Tampa. While neither of those are necessarily declarative statements, they’re much more than anyone has said connecting Florida State’s Jameis Winston to the No. 1 pick.

That makes sense, although local reporters have noted they think the Bucs are leaning towards Winston instead. With three months to go, it's a bit of a guessing game at this point.