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Marcus Mariota "killing" combine interviews

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The combine interviews are under way, and we're getting early reports on how both of the top quarterbacks did. Or at least, on one of the two. Marcus Mariota is apparently very impressive in interviews, which is no surprise.

Of course, Russell Wilson has to be the most boring person I've ever seen, but he's certainly an outstanding quarterback.

Yesterday's press conferences made it sound like the Buccaneers were certainly leaning toward Jameis Winston, but the interview process and especially the team visits are going to be crucial for both quarterbacks. Mariota is going to have to prove that he can transition to a pro-style system, while Winston has to lay to rest the concerns about his off-field incidents.

Winston has been a very good leader and teammate, by all accounts, and he's supposed to be a very hard worker in the film room, so it'd be surprising if Winston wasn't very impressive in interviews as well.