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Lovie Smith: "Plan is to move forward with Mike Glennon"

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith's press conference at the 2015 NFL scouting combine was amusing for one reason: he was hyping up Mike Glennon like crazy.

To be precise, what Lovie Smith said was that "going forward with Mike Glennon gives the team the best chance to win." Which is not precisely the same thing. But Lovie Smith also said that the team's new coaches like Glennon, and that the plan is to move forward with him as the starting quarterback, per Rick Stroud. "Mike Glennon can be a quarterback that plays at a high level in this league," Smith said according to Kevin O'Donnell.

This is what every coach says about his starting quarterback, of course. Right before they draft a new starter with the first overall pick, and this is likely just a move to help Glennon's trade value.

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Echoing his comments from earlier today, Lovie Smith said that he supports the league and any decisions they make, per Rick Stroud. "I think if a player had been accused of something and he's been exonerated, that's all you can go by."

Jenna Laine notes that that was in response to a question about circumventing the legal process.

As for the type of quarterback Lovie Smith wants. Well: