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NFL Draft 2015: Mike Mayock thinks Jameis Winston goes number one

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

In Mike Mayock's conference call with the media, the draft analyst said he sees the Tampa Bay Buccaneers taking Jameis Winston with the first overall pick.

That statement fits with the consensus we've seen emerge among draftniks, but Mayock wasn't exactly sold on Winston, either. As he's done before, Mayock said he's concerned with Winston's interceptions on the field and his decision-making off the field -- which is basically echoed by every other draft analyst, too.

With Marcus Mariota, he questioned whether he could translate those skills to the NFL. Not straying far from the script, this guy. Incidentally, if the Bucs pass on both quarterbacks, they're going to have a slight problem.

So that's today's episode of "what does famed draft analyst say?" Nothing shocking. Nothing new. Nothing that even remotely gets away from the consensus. Which is a good indicator that the draft community is largely of one mind on Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. But with two months to go until the draft and the most important hurdles yet to come for Winston and Mariota, this race is far from decided.