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NFL Mock Draft 2015: Consensus for the number one pick

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the number one overall pick, but we still don't know what they're going to do with it. As the scouting combine gets under way, will we be any closer by the end of the week?

In Dan Kadar's latest mock draft, the Buccaneers go with Jameis Winston -- facilitating a blockbuster trade featuring the Philadelphia Eagles moving up to number two for Marcus Mariota, although what happens after the number one pick doesn't really matter to the Bucs.

It's still impossible to find a consensus on what the Buccaneers will do with this pick. There have been early indicators both ways on Winston and Marcus Mariota. Maybe the combine will provide some clarity about the direction the Buccaneers lean. Okay, probably not. The debate about the two is going to endure.

Well, yes and no. No, we don't know where the Bucs are going with this pick. Conflicting reports are coming out every other day, and the team has done a terrific job of muddying the waters. It's completely unclear who they're going to pick.

At the same time, there is a consensus, as strange as that sounds: Jameis Winston is the player most analysts think the Bucs will select, because most people think he's the better player on the field. rounded up ten mock drafts, and eight of those had Jameis Winston as the number one overall pick. And that's a pick we keep seeing far more often than Marcus Mariota.

We don't know where the Bucs are going. But there is a consensus.