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That overweight Jameis Winston picture is fake, maybe?

Update: George Whitfield tells The Big Lead the picture is not fake, just a bad angle and the effect of the leash around his waist.

Right now, a Jameis Winston pic is going viral. A picture that appears to show a really overweight Winston working on his ball skills.

The original tweet appears to have come from Barstool Sports, an account that tweets out a whole lot of nonsense. Here's the tweet that made it go really big.

Does that look real to you? No human being's waistline works like that. It's photoshopped, and it's pretty obvious -- just look at the shadow. Someone cinched his waistline and expanded his belly in some image editing software for the lulz. Which yay -- but now people are going to assume it's real, which is why I now have to write this asinine article.

For comparison, here's a picture from George Whitfield Jr., the trainer Winston's working with, taken yesterday.

The NFL scouting combine's in a week. Anyone fascinated with Winston's physique can admire (or disparage) it then. But his physique is not why he will or won't get drafted.