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Mark Ingram dealing with "serious shoulder injury" as Saints face Buccaneers

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Ingram's been placed on injured reserve.

The New Orleans Saints are likely to have to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers without the help of Mark Ingram, who was having the best season of his career prior to the injury. According to NFL Network's Rand Getlin, it could be season ending -- which means he's almost certain to miss Sunday's game at least.

Ingram has 166 carries for 769 yards and six touchdowns this season, which is solid, but where he's really stood out is in the passing game: he has a whopping 50 catches for 405 yards. The back was a crucial part of the New Orleans offense, and it could struggle a little with him out. Which is what we saw when the Bucs beat the Saints in week two: they basically took Ingram out of the game by limiting him to just 53 rushing yards on 16 carries, and only one catch for 5 yards. The Saints scored just 19 points despite getting two turnovers off the Bucs that week.

The Bucs