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Jameis Winston's been close to perfect in the red zone

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston is having a pretty good rookie season, and dug up a terrific stat to show his prowess: 12 passing touchdowns, five rushing touchdowns and zero interceptions in the red zone on 57 passes.

That's really impressive, especially given the fact that the red zone is a pretty difficult place to throw the ball. The field is shorter, meaning all the action is compressed and there is less room to get the ball to your receivers.

One caveat, though: the Bucs have been pretty mediocre at turning their possessions into touchdowns. They're ranked ninth in total yards, but only 18th in total points scored. And according to Team Rankings, they're 21st in turning red zone possessions into touchdowns. It's not horrible, but given the fact that the Bucs have three big targets to throw to and a very good running back, they could afford to be a little more aggressive as well.

Then again, the 52.5% touchdowns in the red zone is only a few percentage points removed from the 55% Dirk Koetter today said the Bucs are aiming. I'm not sure why their goal is to below-average, though. The median team has a 57% conversion rate, and the top team 68%.

Still, 17 total touchdowns and zero turnovers in the red zone is very good. Just more proof that Winston is having an outstanding rookie season.