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Austin Seferian-Jenkins still limited, Johnthan Banks gets back in and more from play counts

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Atlanta Falcons, and did so with a fairly stable group of players on offense. On defense, though, we saw a lot of shake-up -- in part due to injury, and in part due to poor play against the Indianapolis Colts last week. Let's take a look at what the snap counts tell us.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins still limited

This was the first game Austin Seferian-Jenkins played since week two, and he had a decent showing with three catches for 31 yards on six catches. He had one touchdown go through his fingers -- a well-placed ball, but not an easy catch. What's interesting is that he put up those numbers despite being on the field just 21 times, or 30% of the offensive plays. Cameron Brate and Luke Stocker both saw more action than that, and even fullback Jorvorskie Lane and sixth lineman Kevin Pamphile came close to his total. Seferian-Jenkins should be a bigger part of the offense in the coming weeks.

Johnthan Banks back in the coaches' favor

The Bucs benched Johnthan Banks several weeks ago in favor of undrafted rookie Jude Adjei-Barimah. He left the game with an elbow injury of undisclosed severity and was initially replaced by Mike Jenkins, but Banks ended up playing most of the snaps in Adjei-Barimah's absence: 20 to Jenkins' nine plays.

Howard Jones, full-time starter?

Howard Jones has gone from practice squad to pass-rush specialist to part-time starter to nearly full-time player in about half a season. This week, he played a whopping 54 out of 67 defensive plays, more than any other defensive lineman. That was undoubtedly caused by the absence of George Johnson and Jacquies Smith -- recent waiver wire pickup Kourtnei Brown played 35 snaps -- but it's a testament to his talent and the splash plays he keeps making. He was relatively quiet this week, but there's something there.

Safety shake-up

Bradley McDougald was apparently punished for a few breakdowns against the Colts last week: he played just 69% of the defensive snaps, and Major Wright got 45% (taking a few from Chris Conte as well), with Keith Tandy contributing 15%. McDougald hasn't been demoted, but he was playing almost all of the defensive plays over the past month so this is clearly a step back for him. Still, he and Conte are playing the vast majority of the time on defense and continue to be the main safeties. But it's a sign that their place isn't safe, and the Bucs may look to upgrade the safety position this offseason.

Offensive play counts

Offensive plays
Player Position Plays Percentage
D Dotson T 71 100%
L Mankins G 71 100%
D Smith T 71 100%
A Marpet G 71 100%
J Winston QB 71 100%
J Hawley C 71 100%
M Evans WR 62 87%
V Jackson WR 53 75%
D Martin RB 49 69%
L Stocker TE 42 59%
A Humphries WR 35 49%
C Brate TE 33 46%
C Sims RB 22 31%
A Seferian-Jenkins TE 21 30%
J Lane FB 15 21%
K Pamphile T 14 20%
R Shepard WR 9 13%

Defensive snap counts

Defensive plays
Player Position Plays Percentage
L David LB 67 100%
K Alexander LB 67 100%
S Moore CB 67 100%
C Conte FS 58 87%
H Jones DE 54 81%
W Gholston DE 51 76%
H Melton DT 47 70%
B McDougald FS 46 69%
A Spence DT 45 67%
J Adjei-Barimah DB 38 57%
K Brown DE 35 52%
A Verner CB 33 49%
T McDaniel DT 31 46%
M Wright SS 30 45%
D Lansanah LB 24 36%
J Banks CB 20 30%
K Tandy FS 10 15%
M Jenkins CB 9 13%
J Shirley DE 5 7%