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VIDEO: Jameis Winston's beautiful 20-yard scramble to beat the Falcons

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Atlanta Falcons 23-19 in part thanks to this beautiful 20-yard Jameis Winston scramble on third-and-19.

Let's set the scene: the Bucs were trailing 19-16 after turning the ball over twice and were just outside field goal range after a holding penalty and a sack. They needed to gain some yardage to get into field goal range and tie the game on third down, as getting a first down seemed out of the question. The Bucs dropped back, Winston saw pressure and an opening to scramble. And then this happened.

A few plays later the Bucs had drained the clock, and Winston found Mike Evans in the endzone to give the Bucs a four-point lead. Lavonte David finished the game with an interception on a terrible Matt Ryan throw, and the Bucs are still right in the NFC wild card race.

Another view: