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Falcons getting heavy dose of Doug Martin early on

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead the Atlanta Falcons 7-0 after one quarter, with Jameis Winston running in the only touchdown so far.

Doug Martin has been getting the ball, a lot. The veteran back has a whopping 11 carries for 49 yards after just one quarter and the Bucs have been pounding the ball behind him, with Jameis Winston providing some complementary play through the air: four of seven for 53 yards. But the key play came from Winston on a scramble, where mhe managed to find a rushing lane

Meanwhile, the Bucs stopped the Falcons on their only drive so far with a good pass breakup by Alterraun Verner. The Bucs defense is lacking in pass rush with Gerald McCoy out, and the run defense is suffering as well -- but the Falcons haven't been able to do much so far regardless. This looks to be a repeat of the first game between these two teams, when the Bucs were the better team but the Falcons kept it close only to lose the game late.

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