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Looking For Bucs Fans for Super Bowl Commercial

Ready for your big moment?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Do you and your child want to represent the Bucs in the new NFL Super Bowl 50s Commercial?

This year, the NFL wants to celebrate people who are lifelong fans! The commercial shoots Jan 9-16th 2016 and they will need you for 1-2 days ONLY.

You will be paid $500 per shoot date If your face is recognizable in the commercial you will make an additional $1,500.

Looking for Bucs fans with children who were born between October- December in 2003.

If interested email them at: NEF@HOUSECASTING.COM.

They'll need the following info:

1. Name and Contact # or email

2. Current photo of you

3. Did you raise a football family, or were you born into one? If so can you tell us a brief story about sharing your fandom with your family?

Please note: Bucs Nation and SB Nation are in no way affiliated with this endeavor. We are providing this information as a public service and this should in no way be considered as an offer from SB Nation, Bucs Nation or Vox Media, Inc.

Good luck!