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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Picks Week 13 2015

December football! Time to separate the rans from the also-rans.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Its December football, folks. That time of year where there's a little crisp cool air around (well, in everywhere but Tampa), the weather turns nasty, Cleveland fans look forward to the draft and the playoff contenders begin their push toward the post-season.

For me, it was another mediocre week, 9-7 and 1-2 in my upset special (But I did call the Broncos upset of the Pats).

Its December for us pigskin prognosticators, too so I'll need to step up my game and be a Ran instead of an Also-Ran.

Last Week: 9-7 56%  Upset Specials: 1-2 33%

Season: 113-63 64% Upset Specials: 14-11 56%

Thursday Night

Packers 20, Lions 10 - The Pack are collapsing as bad as my fantasy team (coincidentally, we both have Aaron Rodgers as our starting QBs), but the world will go into some Mad Max Fury Road dystopian anarchy if the Lions sweep them.


Jets 20, Giants 17 - New York, Neeeeeew York. Da da da-da-da Da Da da-da-da....sing it with me everyone! Hey, is this thing on?

Cardinals 33, Rams 7 - The Scams want to tell St. Louis to kiss their (CENSORED).

Buccaneers 23, Falcons 17 - Falcons Players Only Meeting: It's Your Fault. NO, It's your fault. Okay, let's just agree - its Kyle Shanahan's fault. AYE!

Upset Special #1: Vikings 23, Seahawks 16 - Yes, the Seahags appears to be getting hot...but they also appear to be getting injured. Minnesota's the one very good team no one talks about.

Upset Special #2: Texans 20, Bills 17 - I'm officially off the bandwagon of the Buffalo Bills.

Dolphins 20, Ravens 17 - I'm picking Miami, but I'll admit I'd rather be brave and pick Baltimore. Nah. Matt Schaub scares me more than Ryan Tannehill.

Bengals 30, Browns 10 - Austin Davis starts for the Browns instead of Johnny Football. Just cut the kid already.

Jaguars 24, Titans 20 - WHO CARES?

Bears 27, 49ers 17 - Chicago keeps rolling and becomes a factor in the playoff race.

Broncos 27, Chargers 10 - Do you smell what the Brock is cooking?

Chiefs 23, Raiders 20 - Did you know the Chiefs have won 5 straight games? Me neither.

Panthers 56, Saints 20 - Cam Newton will injure his biceps doing too much of the Superman pose against the Aints.

Patriots 45, Eagles 17 - If the Bucs and Lions can do it, so can the Pats.

Sunday Night

Upset Special #3 Colts 20, Steelers 17 - Big game with playoff implications. I'm going with the Bald Methuselah.

Monday Night

Washington 23, Cowboys 17 - Dallas has cashed in their chips.