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Watch Jameis Winston's scramble magic before the Bucs give it away

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense was largely absent in the first half, but it's come alive now. Jameis Winston is making plays both inside and outside of structure, with a couple of big plays resulting from his scrambles. Here's the latest one, finding Cameron Brate way down the field.

That was a terrific play, giving the Bucs the ball in scoring position, but it came at a cost: Winston looked hurt on the subsequent three plays, and he threw an interception on the third as he was pressured heavily and just threw the ball up into coverage -- something he'd mostly avoided for the rest of the season. With Doug Martin fumbling away the ball on the subsequent possession, the Bucs are now losing a game they should have been leading by two scores.

They still have a quarter to fix that problem, though. And if Winston can pull out a few more plays like that, they'll do exactly that.