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Buccaneers giving game away to the Bears with three turnovers

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers trail the Chicago Bears just 14-16 heading into the fourth quarter, despite giving the ball away three times and having a number of big plays called back for stupid penalties.

This has been a weird game. The Bucs offense has struggled to consistently do anything, but they had two big drives at the start of the second quarter as Jameis Winston improvised his way to some big plays -- and one interception, with the result of those two drives being just one touchdown. That interception is one of three Tampa Bay turnovers today, as it was complemented by two Doug Martin fumbles.

The Bucs can still win this game, but they have sure been trying very, very hard to give the game away for what feels like the third week in a row. They'll have to get it together quickly -- and most of all, they have to stop giving away the ball.