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Blocked punt the difference between the Bears and Bucs

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are beating the Chicago Bears 7-0 after one quarter.

The difference in the game so far is special teams: the Bucs got a blocked punt, leading to a four-yard Doug Martin touchdown to give them the lead. Both offenses have struggled to move the ball, though, with Jameis Winston scrambling instead of throwing down the field, and the Bears feeling Alshon Jeffery's absence as they keep turning to short passes to little effect: of Jay Cutler's nine attempts, only one travelled past the first-down marker through the air -- and that was incomplete.

Despite the touchdown lead for Tampa Bay, the Bucs and Bears look pretty much evenly matched so far. But it's been a while since the Bucs held an early lead, and they'll want to build on that in their final home game of the season, just one week before they travel to Carolina to take on the undefeated Panthers.

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