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Bears vs. Buccaneers: Predict the game

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Chicago Bears on Sunday in a game that doesn't matter for either team -- except in that wins will give their fans a lot to feel good about for next year. The Bucs in particular are likely contenders next year, provided they have a good offseason, and a win would go a long way toward convincing their fans of the same thing.

I think the Buccaneers will walk away with a close win in their final game in Raymond James Stadium for this season. They've been spotty at home, over the past years, but three of their six wins this year have come in Tampa. They're also facing a mediocre opponent that is terrible against the run, hasn't been particularly explosive on offense, and struggles to run the ball. It's a great matchup for the Bucs and a game they should win in the end. Of course, I said similar things about the past two games so who knows?

Give us your prediction below!