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Pro Bowl 2016: Doug Martin and Gerald McCoy in; Lavonte David, Logan Mankins named alternates

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Pro Bowl is in, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have two players on the roster: Gerald McCoy and Doug Martin will represent the Bucs this season. In addition, Lavonte David and Logan Mankins were named alternates and may end up appearing in the Pro Bowl, too.

You can find the full Pro Bowl list here.

Doug Martin's selection is well deserved. With 1,305 yards on just 256 carries, Martin trails only Adrian Peterson in rushing yards this season by just nine yards, and the Dougernaut's added a healthy 25 catches for 205 yards despite coming off the field on passing downs. The only minor disappointment has been the lack of touchdowns, with six total on the year. Martin has also been remarkably consistent, failing to get to at least 50 rushing yards just twice, and going under four yards per carry just four times.

Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy have both had down years by their standards, with McCoy limited by injuries throughout the season, but their overall performance still looks pretty good. McCoy's 7.5 sacks are fourth in the NFL for defensive tackles, while David's 73 solo tackles lead the team and his three interceptions (one touchdown), twelve defensed passes (career-high), one forced fumble and two sacks give him many more splash plays than he had last year.

Logan Mankins had a solid season, but continued to struggle with quicker defensive tackles as he has done for years. He's no longer a dominant player, but he was still a key cog on an offensive line that was much better this season than it was last year.