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Rams dominating Buccaneers early on Thursday Night Football

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams are leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-3 on Thursday Night Football after one quarter. In Thursday Night tradition, the Bucs are getting blown out on prime time.

The Rams got off to an impressive start, marching straight down the field on offense and getting Tavon Austin a touchdown. Despite a three-and-out in between, that continued as Case Keenum found Kenny Britt for a massive sixty-yard touchdown on their third drive of the day.

The Bucs have been feeding Doug Martin the ball, which is understandable given the fact that Winston felt pressure on nearly every pass he dropped back for so far. The Bucs opened the game with five carries for the Dougernaut for 30 yards, but were forced to punt as soon as they turned to the pass. He has nine carries for 53 yards already, but his opportunities could stall if this score differential keep up.

Jameis Winston looks jittery so far and will have to get it together quickly if the Bucs want to remain competitive. He's not exactly being helped by a struggling offensive line, and Gregg Williams dialing up blitz after blitz to confuse the rookie quarterback either.