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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Picks Week 15 2015

The Force hasn't been strong in DLT's Picks, but he hopes to change that this week.

Waiting For next year

Its here! This week "The Wars" is back! Unless you've been living under a rock you know Star Wars the Force Awakens opens tonight in theaters across America. It brought a great disturbance in the Force for this young Sith Lord. Its my Applied Geekdom vs. My Sports Fanaticism. I love the Bucs more than anything (except my lovely wife, of course). Someone has to be dying for me to miss a game.

Or a movie I've waited for over 30 years is released on the same night that they're playing. Yes folks, I'm letting my geek flag fly and I'll be going to a 7pm showing of THE movie of the year. I'll have the Bucs game on DVR so spoilers!

In honor of the opening of THE movie, I'll be making Star Wars references throughout this picks article.

Of course, you can say my picks of late have been bantha poo doo. Another crappy week means the force is not strong in this one.

But here they are anyway -

Last Week: 8-8 50%  Upset Specials: 0-2 0%

Season: 130-78 62% Upset Specials: 14-17 45%

Thursday Night

Rams 17, Bucs 14 - I was going to go with the Bucs this week but considering my picks of late, I'm trying to jedi mind trick the universe. Meanwhile, many bothans died to deliver the plans of St. Louis stadium construction to the NFL.

Saturday Night

Jets 20, Cowboys 13 - Is there still good in Darth Jerry? Not, I think.


Vikings 23, Bears 17 - We all love the plucky Ewoks. Unfortunately, this game is played on Hoth.

Jaguars 27, Falcons - Falcons are so used and abused Jawas are looking to sell them on Tatooine.

Colts 16, Texans 13 - Charlie Whitehurst vs. TJ Yates? That's like choosing between Jar Jar and 8 year old Ani. There's no winner there.

Upset Special: Giants 23, Panthers 16 - Like that little band of rebels flying down the track of the death star, the G-men will find a way. Never tell me the odds.

Patriots 30, Titans 10 - The Empire Strikes Back.

Bills 27, Washington 17 - Washington fans: "I don't believe it!", Master Yoda: "That is why you fail."

Chiefs 24, Ravens 13 - The Ravens are the green dancing slave girl in Jabba's lair. Watch out for that....too late.

Seahawks 42, Browns 10 - Use the force, Russell. Oh who are we kidding? This is easier to see than whiny bitch Anakin becoming the greatest villain in the history of cinema.

Upset Special #2: Raiders 24, Packers 23 - Come on, how could I not? They have their OWN Darth Raider.

Steelers 30, Broncos 17 - It'll be like Anakin vs. the younglings.

Chargers 27, Dolphins 23 - It'll be like watching Phantom Menace. Yeah, that bad.

Bengals 27, 49ers 13 - At the end of the game, Marvin Lewis crosses the field and tells Jim Tomsula, "Jim, I....AM YOUR FATHER."

Sunday Night

Cardinals 40, Eagles 20 - Cards are going to toss the Eagles into the chasm of the Death Star.

Monday Night

Saints 23, Lions 20 - I'd rather watch Pod Races. Check that, no one wants to watch the Pod Race scene again. I'd rather watch the "romance scene" in Attack of the Clones. Come Buc fans, hold me like you did on Naboo. (Shudder). God I hope this new movie doesn't suck.