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Buccaneers in trouble against rejuvenated Saints

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing a close game against the New Orleans Saints, after a first half in which they looked like the worst team by far but still came out with just a one-touchdown deficit.

The Bucs had a good opportunity to get back in this game at the start of the second half, stopping Drew Brees and then driving deep into Saints territory. But when lovie Smith settled for a field goal in fourth-and-two, Connor Barth missed -- and Drew Brees then led the Saints all the way down to the goal-line thanks to two unnecessary penalties.

This game is still within reach, though, and the Bucs desperately need to win it for their playoff hopes. They have the weapons to put up points in a hurry, but haven't used them: Mike Evans has all of one target this game, which came on a short pass on a third-down pass short of the sticks.