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Buccaneers unveil new all-red uniforms for Nike Color Rush and Thursday Night Football

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have unveiled their Nike Color Rush Uniforms tonight, which are on sale as of today. The Bucs were one of eight teams selected for a limited Color Rush launch this season, with a full lineup to be revealed in 2016. The conceit of the uniforms is overwhelming people with a single block of color -- red, in the Bcus' case. The team  will debut these jerseys next week on Thursday Night Football against the St. Louis Rams.

There's been no news on how often teams will use these jerseys going forward, and so far they've been limited to Thursday games.

I like these jerseys, though. They look sleek and coherent, though they still feature the alarm clock numbers everyone loves to hate. I'm not sure these are better than the current jerseys, but I certainly don't think they look bad -- unlike other Color Rush uniforms, which have been inconsistent at best.

You can find a large photo gallery over at, if you want to scroll through a whopping 89 photos.