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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Picks Week 14 2015

DLT continues to try and get out of his season ending slump

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Hey. this picking games thing isn't as easy as it looks! I was feeling pretty good about myself after the early games last week but then the bottom fell out in the late and Nationally televised games. Also, for the first time this season I went ohfer on my upset specials.

Yep, its been a tough few weeks. Let's see if I can break out of it.

Last Week: 9-7 56%  Upset Specials: 0-3 0%

Season: 122-70 63% Upset Specials: 14-14 50%

Thursday Night

Cardinals 30, Vikings 17 - Minnesota is primed for a classic collapse down the stretch. I think Arizona still thinks they have a shot at the one seed.


Bills 27, Eagles 24 - It was an amazing upset last week for Philly, but that doesn't mean all is well in the city of brotherly Chip.

Upset Special #1: 49ers 24, Browns 17 - Johnny Football is back! But the Browns are still the Browns.

Rams 13, Lions 10 - That loss to Green Bay I think tore the heart out of the cowardly ones.

Buccaneers 30, Saints 20 - Bucs keep hanging around in this thing.

Jets 23, Titans 17 - At one point, there was a team in New York known as the Titans. They didn't have a flaming thumbtack as their logo, though.

Bengals 27, Steelers 24 - Cincy finally wins a big ball game.

Colts 27, Jaguars 20 - Why couldn't Hasselhoff Hasselbeck play like that against the Bucs?

Chiefs 24, Chargers 14 - The hottest team in football (not in Carolina) keeps it rolling.

Bears 20, Washington 17 - Chicago keeps the NFC LEAST in the dumps.

Panthers 30, Falcons 16 - The beatings will continue until morale improves, Atlanta.

Seahawks 30, Ravens 17 - Injuries may be the only thing that derails this Seattle freight train.

Broncos 27, Raiders 17 - Brock vs. Derek could be a great matchup for years to come.

Packers 24, Cowboys 17 - Hey Cowboys, you'll still be in the division race.

Sunday Night

Patriots 23, Texans 17 - Pats are in a slump, Texans on a roll. So of course New England wins.

Monday Night

Upset Special #2: Dolphins 20, Giants 17 - Because I hate the NFC LEAST.