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VIDEO: How Gerald McCoy sacked Matt Hasselbeck

Gerald McCoy has caught a lot of flack this year due to a lack of production for a stretch in the middle of the season. Struggling through an injured shoulder, McCoy recorded zero sacks from week seven through week 10, though he still managed to get to the quarterback and much of this was circumstantial. But the last two games, his production has  been back on track: he's jumping off the screen, and has 2.5 sacks over the past two games.

Anthony Becht broke down his latest sack above, and it's worth watching. Note that Jacquies Smith is lined up wide to his left and taking an outside rush, forcing the right tackle to set wide and preventing him from restricting McCoy's rushing lane. When Smith is out, and he left Sunday's game with an injury as well, it's much easier for defenses to double-team McCoy and restrict his rushing lanes -- a major contributor to his lack of production.

Hopefully, we'll see more of the above over the final five weeks of the season.