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NFL Power Rankings: Bucs fall a little

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Indianapolis Colts this weekend, which means power rankings are going to be interesting. Will they stick with the positive notes of the previous two weeks, or are we reverting back to the falling sky narrative of the first half of the season?

Looking at the rankings, the loss has caused the Bucs to slip a little, but not too much. Danny Kelly ranks them as the worst of the 5-6 group at number 19 (down three), and others give them a similar ranking. Elliot Harrison ranks them 18th (down six), Mark Maske 17th (down four), Justin Rogers 19th (down 1) and Frank Schwab 19th (down 1).

All of that is well out of playoff range, though they're still contenders. A few wins and they'll get some more respect. A few losses, and they'll drop back to the twenties -- though the very bottom oft he table is probably definitively out of sight. Which means at least they're doing better than last year.