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Mike Evans had more drops today than anyone in the past decade

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans put up eight catches for 155 yards today. He also had five drops today. That's tied with Brandon Jacobs for the most in a single game over the past decade, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Their approach to drops is pretty strict, too. They're not talking about technically-catchable-but-tough catches, just catches that really any receiver in the NFL would make as a matter of routine. This is pretty ridiculous -- and the weirdest part is, this isn't the first time Evans has had the dropsies this year. In week three he dropped between two and five passes, depending on how you count them -- and he made seven catches for 101 yards in that game.

It's a weird season for Evans. No one tell Pepsi, though.

Also here's a gif with a bunch of those drops.