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Is Jason Pierre-Paul playing, how do you stop Odell Beckham Jr. and more

We talked to Edward Valentine of Big Blue View ahead of Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. Is Jason Pierre-Paul going to play this week? How much have the Giants missed him?

The Giants have not committed to JPP playing, but he thinks he is capable and the Giants defense desperately needs some help. I will be shocked if he DOES NOT play. As you know, the Giants gave up 52 points last week and are last in the league in yardage allowed. They are last in sacks, last in sack percentage and last against the pass. So, they have missed him. And Prince Amukamara, Jon Beason, J.T. Thomas. Also Robert Ayers and Devon Kennard when they missed games earlier in the year.

No matter what they say, no one knows what Pierre-Paul can do with that damaged hand. Anything he can do to help, however, the Giants will take.

2. Is it possible to stop Odell Beckham Jr? If so, can you inform the Bucs' coaches?

Sorry, Lovie Smith is going to have to figure out Beckham's Kryptonite all on his own. What I will say is the 50-yard TD against the Saints on Sunday came on a rare occasion where Beckham had single coverage most of the way down the field. Most teams either played a safety directly over the top of Beckham or rolled their coverage toward whichever side of the field he is on. For the most part, teams are forcing the Giants to throw underneath to him and look for catch-and-run type plays.

3. How do you see the rest of the Giants season unfolding? Are they playoff contenders?

I really wish I knew what to expect from the Giants. I describe them as a team with Multiple Personality Disorder. You just never have a clue what you're going to get from week to week. The Giants have lost three games during which they had leads late into the fourth quarter. Despite all their flaws they could be 7-1. They have a habit, though, of messing things up in completely unfathomable ways.

They are a contender simply because the NFC East is down. If they can somehow get to eight wins heading into the final week of the season the Week 17 Giants-Eagles game could end up deciding the division winner.

4. Is Tom Coughlin ever going to stop being the head coach for the Giants, or are we still going to be talking about him in twenty years?

If it's up to Coughlin, the answer would be no. He jokingly said during the offseason that he'd love as 10- or 12-year contract. Problem is that if the Giants miss the playoffs this season that will be four straight years, and at some point the Giants will have to go in another direction. The last two years I would simply say the Giants didn't have nearly enough talent. This year some of TC's late-game decision-making has been questionable. No playoffs and the organization might pull the plug on Coughlin and try something else.

5. Suppose you run the Bucs offense. How do you attack the Giants defense?

Well, if you look at the numbers -- and the film from Sunday vs. the Saints -- you would think you could do pretty much anything your heart desires. The JPP-less Giants have been completely unable to rush the passer. The biggest issue for the Giants has been covering the short to intermediate pass. They've struggled against the run in recent weeks, too. If Amukamara and JPP play they should be better. One word of advice, though. Don't bother throwing toward Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. He's not Darrelle Revis, but there are so many other places to go I don't know why teams bother.