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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL 2015 Week 9 Picks

DLT deals wit the depression of a season half over.

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It hit me this week that we're halfway through the NFL season. In another couple of months, I'll have nothing to invest in other hockey and my other writing pursuits. I'm not a baseball fan. I can't stand the NBA. Nope, in a few cold months I'll be stuck watching my recordings of this year's season (at least the Bucs are watchable this year) and spending half my Sundays between facebook and (with an hour break from Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead).

Its depressed me a bit but what perked me up was another solid week of prognostication.

I was 11-3 again, 1-1 in the upset specials so the ball keep rolling. I'd be tied for fourth if NFL Picks Watch actually ranked me (with Chris Mortensen, Geoff Ulrich of a weekly fantasy company not named FanDuel and something called Prediction Machine).

Let's see how it goes this week.

Last Week: 11-3 78%   Upset Specials: 1-1 50%

Season: 83-36 66% Upset Specials: 9-6 60%

Week 9 Picks

Bye Week: Lions, Chiefs, Cardinals, Seahawks, Ravens, Texans

Thursday Night

Bengals 30, Browns 24 - I wasn't planning on watching this game tonight but hell, if Johnny Football is on I'll watch. It's like passing by a car accident. You don't want to look, but you just do.


Packers 20, Panthers 13 - This is a logical loss for the Putty Tats. Nearly got beat by Andrew Luck. They will be beaten by Aaron Rodgers.

Patriots 38, Washington 10 - No come back this week, Washington Franchise.

Upset Special: Titans 34, Saints 27 - For some reason, the Aints have a propensity to not want to win at home. Mariota is back for the Titans, who are a bunch of Mularkey. (Sorry, it was RIGHT there).

Upset Special #2: Dolphins 24, Bills 21 - Good news Miami, you're not playing New England this week. You can jump back aboard the Campbell train.

Vikings 20, Rams 10 - For fans of teams with 3 or more losses hoping to catch Minnesota, you hope the Scams can pull off this game. I just can't pick them to do it.

Jets 23, Jaguars 14 - Nothing says slump buster like Jaguars.

Steelers 24, Raiders 16 - I love the Raiders. They no longer seem to have that commitment to excrement. But I just can't pick them against Big Ben and the Steelers. I can't.

Upset Special #3 Buccaneers 34, Giants 31 - Yep, I'm picking the Bucs this week. Maybe I'm drinking the kool-aid but I feel that win in Atlanta was a big turningpoint for the franchise. Or they'll get blown out this week and we'll all know we found fool's gold again. I'm going with the former.

Falcons 34, 49ers 3 - Blaine Gabbert. Really San Fran? Blaine friggin Gabbert? Can't you at least TRY to win this game?

Broncos 30, Colts 20 - Peyton reminds Colt fans of what it was like to have a franchise QB. ZING!

Sunday Night

Eagles 30, Cowboys 10 - Well, if anyone deserves the NFL MVP award its Tony Romo. Look how his absence has turned a Super Bowl Contender into a contender for the first overall pick.

Monday Night

Chargers 27, Bears 10 - Another Monday Night game I could give a frak less about.