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Doug Martin, Jameis Winston win Player of the Week awards

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston and Doug Martin have both won a FedEx Player of the Week award. Winston won Air Player of the Week for his five touchdowns against the Philadelphia Eagles, while Martin won Ground Player of the Week for his 235 yards on the ground against the same team. Martin's win is especially impressive given that he went up against Thomas Rawls and his 209 rushing yards, 46 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Both of these awards were fan-voted, and it's interesting that the Bucs' players won these, but lost the league-determined official NFC Offensive Player of the Week award. Not that that wasn't justified: Cam Newton's five touchdown passes were impressive as well. Lavonte David did win NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his two interceptions (including a pick six) against Mark Sanchez, though.

Jameis Winston was also nominated for the NFL Rookie of the Week award, which will be announced tomorrow. He's almost certainly going to win that one.