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John Lynch and Tony Dungy named Hall of Fame semifinalists

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will once again have two Hall of Fame candidates this year, and they'll be the same two people we saw last year: both Tony Dungy and John Lynch have been named semi-finalists in the selection process for the  2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Lynch and Dungy have a chance to make it into the Hall of Fame. It will be Dungy's second attempt, and he came close to getting in last year. Lynch will have a tougher case given that he's already spent years on the sidelines, but posted an excellent article arguing that he should get in a couple of months ago.

Simeon Rice was also on the list of 108 initial nominees, but did not make the cut down to 25 semi-finalists. The next step will be cutting down to 15 finalists in January, before deciding on the five modern-day nominees who will make it into the Hall of Fame. They'll potentially be joined by senior candidates Ken Stabler and Dick Stanfel as well as contributor Edward DeBartolo Jr.