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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Picks 2015 Week 12

What are the NFL teams thankful for this year?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started I'd like to wish you and yours a very happy thanksgiving. I've been in a worst slump than the Atlanta Falcons of late, turning in a subpar week for the third straight week.

Let's hope this week's picks are more the gravy and less the stuffing.

Last Week: 7-7 50%   Upset Specials: 1-1 50%

Season: 104-56 65%  Upset Specials: 13-9 59%

Thanksgiving Day

Eagles 20, Lions 13 - Philly had the stuffing kicked out of them last week by Tampa Bay, luckily for them they can be thankful to get right back on the horse and take on the suddenly hot Lions, whose coaches are thankful that Grandma Firestone-Ford hasn't come knocking on their doors yet.

Upset Special #1: Cowboys 24, Panthers 17 - Dallas is thankful to have Tony Romo back (obviously), while the Panthers are thankful the rest of the NFC is a dumpster fire.

Packers 23, Bears 17 - I'm thankful we get to see the oldest rivalry in the NFL rekindled on national television.


Raiders 23, Titans 10 - The Raiders are thankful to no longer have the commitment to excrement. The Flaming Thumbtacks are thankful that they have Marcus Mariota, because they don't have much else.

Chiefs 20, Bills 16 - KC is thankful no one is noticing their sudden rise. Buffalo is thankful that Tyrod Taylor seems to be a real quarterback.

Upset Special #2 - Buccaneers 27, Colts 17 - I'm thankful that I can believe in the Bucs again. Indy is thankful the wiley veteran Matt Hasselbeck got them 3 wins in the absence of Luck.

Giants 23, Washington 13 - The G-men are thankful the rest of the NFC East is TURR-ible. Washington is thankful they don't have to play Carolina again.

Texans 30, Saints 27 - The Texans are thankful the Bucs will beat the Colts. The Saints are thankful Rob Ryan is gone.

Upset Special #3 - Vikings 28, Falcons 17 - Minnesota is thankful to have AP back, Atlanta is thankful they banked those early wins.

Bengals 23, Rams 10 - The Bengals are thankful this isn't a nationally televised game. The Scams are thankful they have a defense.

Jaguars 20, Chargers 13 - Jacksonville is thankful no one is noticing they're also in the AFC South division title race. San Diego thankful there's Obamacare (they've had lots of injuries...not a political statement...and get a life).

Jets 23, Dolphins 17 - The Jets are thankful that the power of Dan Campbell has worn off on Miami. The Dolphins are thankful that Suh showed up for at least one game.

Cardinals 40, 49ers 10 - The Cards are thankful they can just play football again instead of being in the National spotlight. San Francisco is thankful this season is almost over.

Seahawks 23, Steelers 20 - Seattle is thankful they're playing this game at home. The Steelers are thankful Big Ben is back.

Sunday Night

Upset Special #4 Broncos 20, Patriots 17 - Denver is thankful Brock seems ready. The Patriots are thankful if they get out of this game without sustaining another injury.

Monday Night

Browns 27, Ravens 20 - The Browns are thankful the Johnny Football experiment is over. Baltimore will be thankful when this season is history.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!