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Watch Jameis WInston's four first-half touchdowns against the Eagles

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston has been absolutely outstanding today, completing 13 of 18 passes for 147 yards and four touchdowns, with one sack and no turnovers. The quarterback once again looks like the franchise passer the Tampa Bay Buccaneers think they drafted with the number one pick.

His four touchdowns are especially surprising given the troubles the Bucs have had in the red zone this year. They came into this game ranked 26th in red zone efficiency, converting just 45% of their attempts into touchdowns, with Winston having thrown ten touchdowns over his nine games. He's at fourteen now, add in his four rushing touchdowns and he's at 18 -- and the game's only halfway through.

Here are his four touchdowns of today, starting with the fade route we've been missing all season long. Mike Evans with the perfect toe-tap.

Then the quick slant -- another play we haven't seen a lot in the red zone -- to Vincent Jackson.

Even the little-used Russell Shepard got in on the action.

The fourth touchdown was a little less beautiful on Winston's part -- it could easily have been picked off -- but Charles Sims made some magic happen.

This is probably Winston's best game of his short career, and he's absolutely destroying the Eagles -- with a little help from Doug Martin, who put up 177 yards in the first half.