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Watch the Eagles hold the tar out of Kwon Alexander on their second touchdown

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers look like the best team in Philadelphia, but the Eagles are keeping the game close thanks to horrible missed calls like the below.

Kwon Alexander looked to have Sproles in man coverage, and thanks to that hold, this play turned into a 35-yard touchdown for the Eagles.

Officiating hasn't been overly kind to the Bucs, despite the lead. The refs turned what should have been a fumble recovery for the Bucs into a fumble back to the Eagles on Philadelphia's first touchdown drive, and didn't fail to get the Bucs for holding on their most recent drive.

Still, the Bucs are winning thanks to Jameis Winston's three touchdowns and Doug Martin running all over the Eagles. But calls like that could come back to bite them at the end of the game.