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Doug Martin running all over the Eagles after one quarter

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Eagles are tied at 7-7 after one quarter. Doug Martin already has 85 yards after one quarter with Jameis Winston and Mike Evans looking on-point, while the Eagles are finding early success on the ground and with their quick passing game as well.

The Bucs started the game by taking the ball away from DeMarco Murray, with Jacquies Smith recovering and seemingly fumbling the ball back himself. On replay, it looked like he was down -- but the review officials made the incomprehensible decision to let the call stand. Instead, Josh Huff got the ball into the endzone on a 39-yard catch-and-run on what was a stunning display of horrible angles and tackles by the Bucs defense.

The Bucs couldn't score on their first possession, with Jameis Winston and Mike Evans failing to connect on two subsequent plays. Lovie Smith mysteriously decided to punt instead of trying a field goal or going for it from the Eagles' 36-yard line. A Gerald McCoy sack got the Bucs the ball back, and Doug Martin's 58-yard burst set up a quick touchdown from the goal-line on the first fade we've seen between Winston and Evans all season.

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