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Jameis Winston is doing all the little things quarterbacks need to do

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston is very impressive. That's the conclusion drawn by Fran Duffy for, consistently the best team site for film breakdowns out there. Hint hint, Bucs. Duffy gives us a lot of information and a lot of clips showing off Winston's strengths, so make sure to check them all out, but this play stood out for me.

We all know Winston can make some really impressive throws, and that he has a very good understanding of NFL defenses, but one thing we don't talk about very often is how advanced he is in a lot of the little things quarterbacks need to do to be successful. That safety manipulation is something Josh Freeman really never seemed to grasp, but Winston's been doing it since day one.

Another note of interest is how highly Duffy speaks of Mike Evans. We've all been frustrated with his drops and failure to make many tough catches, but he's still been a productive and dangerous weapon for the Bucs, with some outstanding catches like the one below thrown into the mix occasionally.

Of course, Winston isn't perfect and Greg Cosell noted a number of issues for

"Number one, I think when there's pressure, his lower body mechanics really break down because he's not by nature a quick-footed athlete. And then he hurries his throws and can make some undefined throws. The other he's had on occasion is not recognizing underneath coverage."

That could be a problem for the Bucs this week, as the Eagles have a very good defense that is not afraid to blitz and pressure. The Bucs are going to have to be on-point with their execution, especially with regards to hot routes and other blitz-mitigating measures.

One way the Bucs can do that is to run the ball consistently. Greg Cosell broke down the Bucs' running game for the Eagles' site, which is worth a watch. Doug Martin's lateral agility and explosiveness really stands out on that breakdown.

Ultimately, the Bucs have a lot of impressive players on offense, starting with Jameis Winston. While the results have been inconsistent, the future is very bright.