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VIDEO: Jameis Winston nearly gave the game to the Cowboys, then buried them

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Dallas Cowboys 10-6 on a late-game comeback drive led by Jameis Winston. So far, so normal -- but what happened at the goal-line was anything but. First, Winston did this:

That seemed to have lost the game for the Bucs and if that had stood, Winston would have been the obvious goat and ridiculed for an entire week. Luckily for him, Jeff Heath was called for defensive holding on Russell Shepard in the endzone negating that play. Irony: Heath had picked off Winston twice earlier in the game, the quarterback's first two interceptions since week four.

The very next play, Jameis Winston did this to give the Bucs the four-point lead with less than a minute left.

Winston having saved the day, Bradley McDougald then finished off the Cowboys with a beautiful endzone interception on a deep ball to Dez Bryant. Bucs win!