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Cowboys lead Buccaneers by a field goal in low-scoring game

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys are involved in an incredibly low-scoring affair in Tampa, with the Cowboys leading 6-3. Both teams are consistently getting into field goal range, but two misses, one turnover and incredible inefficiency once they get into scoring range have kept the score low -- with both teams in position to win this game.

Jameis Winston continues to look for Mike Evans on offense, but is having trouble finding him. His passes haven't been perfect, making the catches tough on his wide receiver, while Evans wasn't making the tough catches he's capable of producing to help out Winston. That changed as soon as the Bucs got the ball just before the two-minute warning, with Evans and Winston connecting for two great, consecutive sideline catches to get the Bucs in scoring range -- but Winston's first interception since week four ended the Bucs' hopes of scoring before the half, with a high ball to Brandon Myers going off the tight end's fingertips and into Jeff Heath's hands.

At the half, Jameis Winston has completed seven of 16 passes for just 77 yards, two sacks and one interception, one of his worst halves statistically, though his play hasn't been as bad as that statline suggests. Matt Cassel is completing 75% of his throws for 101 yards, one sack and no turnovers or touchdowns.