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Three Buccaneers on Pro Bowl top ten fan voting lists

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

It's the middle of the NFL season, which means Pro Bowl balloting has been going for quite a few weeks now. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a whole have been bad this year, but several individual players are still playing well -- and fans voting for the Pro Bowl have noted. We got our hands on the fan voting numbers so far, and three Bucs show up in the top ten at their respective positions.

Doug Martin is currently eighth in Pro Bowl voting at running back, Gerald McCoy is fourth at defensive tackle and Lavonte David tenth at outside linebacker. No other Buccaneers is listed in any top ten, and perhaps some should be. You could make an argument for Ali Marpet at guard, Kwon Alexander at middle linebacker, Jameis Winston at quarterback and Mike Evans at wide receiver -- though none of those arguments would be particularly strong. Connor Barth at kicker, though, would be a very good choice.

Fan votes only make up one-third of the Pro Bowl selection process, though, with players and coaches getting the other two-thirds of the vote. Still, fan votes matter -- so go vote for some Buccaneers, and get them to the top of the Pro Bowl ballot. You can vote here!