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New Buccaneers uniform teased for Thursday Night week 15 game

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be unveiling some new uniforms on Thursday Night Football against the St. Louis Rams, week 15. That's December 17, when the Bucs head to St. Louis. The NFL is unveiling a bunch of "Color Rush" uniforms, where teams will be "completely draped head to toe in one of the team's current or historic colors", to quote the Bucs' website.

Looks like the Bucs will be completely in red then.


The Bucs' full uniform will be unveiled the week before, on Thursday Night Football, December 10. With the Bucs having just re-designed their uniform last year, it seems unlikely these will be full-time replacements but it's not entirely clear how far Nike is going in re-designing this stuff.

We're still waiting for a throwback return some day, though.