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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL 2015 Week 8 Picks

DLT continues his hot streak, can he keep it going?

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You know the amazing thing about being in the lovely state of Hawaii? It's not the amazing food, the fascinating culture or the beautiful vistas. It's not even the simply gorgeous waterfalls or the laid back lifestyle where long pants and shoes mean you're overdressed. No, the amazing thing about being in Hawaii is watching NFL football at 7am, Sunday Night Football at 2pm and being able to have the entire day to recover from the latest Bucs disappointment.

Unfortunately, I was back in Florida for this past week's debacle so it stuck with me for a while. On the bright side, I was able to put together another nice weekend of picks. In fact, if you look at the "experts" on - had I been listed I'd be tied 6th right now out of 136 experts. Why am I not listed? Who knows? They have other SBNation writers like Steve White, Dave Fucillo and Ryan Van Bibber but little ole me? Nope. I'm better than them, by the way.

In fact, ole DLT's picks are beating some know-it-all's like Mike Golic, Cris Carter and either guy from ProFootballTalk. I best anyone from NFL Network, CBS and ESPN. And do they pick an upset every week like I do? Nope.

It was that way last year, too. But I don't rate a mention on a site that lists ESPN's fans picks?

King Kong

Well, look at it this way Bucs fans. You get the goodness all to yourselves.

Anywho, here's how it went last week -

Last Week: 10-3 77% Upset Specials: 8-5 62%

Season: 72-33 68% Upset Specials 8-5 62%

Byes: Bills, Eagles, Washington Franchise, Jaguars

Thursday Night

Patriots 30, Dolphins 20 - It was a nice little run by interim coach Dan Campbell. Heck, he had as many wins in his first two games as coach as Lovie Smith had in his first 15 with the Bucs. But they aren't playing the Texans this week.


Chiefs 24, Lions 3 - The Cowardly ones fired their OC and elevated Jim Bob Cooter to the position. You can't make this stuff up.

Falcons 40, Buccaneers 20 - I can see the Bucs pulling an upset. I can also see the ATL taking them to the woodshed once again. The big difference between these two teams - The ATL knows how to win. And oh, hey, look. The Falcon fans are back. Welcome back to the bandwagon, Falcons fans.

Cardinals 23, Browns 17 - The curse of McCown continues - unless Johnny Football plays.

Rams 23, 49ers 6 - Great defense combined with a great running game. If the Scams had a QB the entire league would be terrified.

Upset Special #1: Giants 34, Saints 24 - Sorry, I'm not buying the Aints resurgence.

Vikings 30, Bears 14 - Quietly, the Norsemen are in serious playoff contention.

Ravens 16, Chargers 13 - West coast team comes to the East coast. Even the Ravens can't screw this up right?

Bengals 30, Steelers 21 - Cincy continues to be a regular season dynasty.

Texans 23, Titans 6 - It's the "We-Beat-The-Bucs-And-Only-The-Bucs" bowl! Well, I guess that's not entirely true. Houston did manage to beat Jacksonville, too.

Upset Special #2: Raiders 24, Jets 16 - A young team coming off an emotional loss has to head all the way to the west coast to face a perceived inferior opponent?

It's a Trap

Seahawks 24, Cowboys 10 - So what would be better? Greg Hardy's a-hole meltdown on the Cowpokes sidelines or seeing Gerald McCoy yukking it up with Kirk Cousins after Cousins "You Like That"'d the Bucs?

Sunday Night

Packers 24, Broncos 10 - A couple undefeated teams meet on national television. Only one will emerge still undefeated. I'm going with the younger, better QB.

Monday Night

Panthers 30, Colts 17 - What in the hell happened to Andrew Luck?