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Someone tell Kwon Alexander to drop deep in coverage already

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can't really cover anyone at this point, but in one aspect they've had some baffling issues: rookie middle linebacker Kwon Alexander just isn't getting back deep when the Bucs play a zone Cover 2. The key to any Tampa 2 coverage is that middle linebacker dropping back deep to take away the hole in the middle between the two deep safeties -- and Alexander hasn't been doing that all season long.

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah picked out a pretty good example of just that thing happening. Alexander kind of shuffles and half-heartedly drops back instead of just bailing and getting all the way into the hole as quickly as possible. If he does that, this throw either isn't made, or he picks it off.

What is up with this stuff? It's not just this play, it's nearly every Tampa 2 drop in nearly every game. Sure, he's a rookie, but this stuff should have been corrected after the very first time it happened -- way back in the preseason. Now it's just ludicrous.

Either this isn't getting corrected in the coaching room, which would be completely unfathomable, or Kwon Alexander isn't picking it up six games into the season -- which is also absolutely unacceptable. I like Kwon Alexander -- I think he has a good feel for underneath coverage, the speed to work sideline to sideline in the running game and he's vastly improved in his run fits recently, but this has to get fixed. It's costing the Bucs wins!