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Mike Jenkins says Buccaneers' secondary lacks focus

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, looks like someone solved what is going on in the secondary. Focus!

Well, thanks for clearing that up Jenkins. Here I thought you were bad because  you just weren't very good at playing football, but turns out it was lack of focus. So much better! Can you maybe find some of that focus, and give it to your teammates too? No?

Of course, that lack of focus was patently obvious to anyone who's been paying attention. Not only are the individual players getting beat, coverage breakdowns continue to be very, very common. See, for instance, Bradley McDougald's interception last game, when the Bucs left a receiver wide open and Blake Bortles didn't see him. They had a similar mishap against Washington, and this time it led to a touchdown.

Watch as Jude Adjei-Barimah follows Ryan Grant (#14) across the formation, Johnthan Banks shifts outside and seemingly motions for Adjei-Barimah to take the inside guy -- and then both Banks and Adjei-Barimah take the inside guy, leaving no one on Grant and giving Cousins an easy touchdown.

Here's another example on the game-ending touchdown, on the side of the field Cousins didn't throw to. Three players covering four, and Alterraun Verner is motioning for someone to come help out.

These mixups are far too frequent for a veteran secondary, and a very experienced head coach, defensive coordinator and cornerbacks coach.