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VIDEO: Howard Jones runs in Kirk Cousins' fumble

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rolling all over Washington in D.C. and the icing on the cake was a defensive touchdown.

That's Howard Jones' third big play in just one-and-a-half game of play, and a total of about 25 snaps. The undrafted second-year player had two sacks in his first NFL game last week, and now picked up a touchdown to go with it. He's obviously showing a lot of athletic promise, though it should be noted that he hasn't shown a lot of technique or ability outside of those three plays.

Most of this play was made by Jacquies Smith, though -- the guy who actually knocked out the ball for his fifth sack and third forced fumble of the season. An actual edge rusher!

The Bucs are blowing out Washington in their own house, and that's a whole lot of fun.