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Watch Jameis Winston's perfect touchdown throw to Mike Evans

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans has struggled for most of the season, but he's having a field against the Washington secondary, on his way to easily his best game of the year so far. This was his very first catch of the day, made easy by Jameis Winston's outstanding throw.

So far, Mike Evans has three catches for 74 yards and a touchdown, and we're still early in the second quarter.

The Tampa Bay offense as a whole is having an outstanding day, with Jameis Winston completing nine of 12 passes for 152 yards and two touchdowns so far, while Doug Martin has 59 yards on just seven carries, and Charles Sims added another 26 on five carries.

This is the Tampa Bay offense the Bucs envisioned when they drafted Jameis Winston and paired him with Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson. Sure, it's coming against a mediocre Washington defense -- but this is still a very promising sign. And it's good to see Mike Evans back to his old self.